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Create a newsletter in Microsoft Word

How to produce a professional-looking handout

9. You can now apply styles to your document. If you defined a style called ‘Newsletter 1‘ to top-level headings, just click on any paragraph that you want to turn into a heading and select ‘Newsletter 1’ from the Styles menu on the Home ribbon.

Word newsletter 9

10. If you have pictures to insert do so now using the Picture icon on the Insert ribbon. First, though, to keep the file size manageable, reduce the resolution using photo-editing software so that it’s no more than 400dpi at the size it will appear in print.

Word newsletter 10

11. To make a picture span columns, select the picture once you’ve inserted it and choose one of the ‘With Text Wrapping’ options from the Position menu on the Formatting ribbon. Resize and drag the picture to where you want it, ensuring you don't stretch it (don't change the aspect ratio).

Word newsletter 11

12. Once you’ve completed and saved the article, create a template by deleting all the text, but not the section break, and selecting ‘Save As’ and then ‘Word Template’ from the Office menu. Give your template a suitable name and click on Save.

Word newsletter 12

13. Later, to create a new article, choose New from the Office menu, click on ‘New from Existing’ at the left, select your template and click on ‘Create New’. A blank document will appear but with all your options and styles already defined.

Word newsletter 13

14. The front cover and the first page or two (e.g. editorial, table of contents etc.) will probably have a different format from ordinary articles so, using the techniques we’ve already seen, design those pages and create the corresponding templates for future use.

Word newsletter 14

15. If you’re using a commercial printer you’ll probably need to supply your copy as PDF files. Select ‘Save As’ and then ‘PDF or XPS’ from the Office menu. Ensure that ‘Standard (publishing online and printing)’ is selected against ‘Optimised for’ and click on Publish.

Word newsletter 15

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