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Fix iOS 6 settings for Camera apps on iPhone

"User denied access" Camera Roll problem needs visit to Privacy settings

Some camera apps no longer work with iPhones updated to iOS 6. We use Camera+ as an example but the same is true for ProCamera, Hipstamatic and other camera apps. Does the app require an update or can you fix the problem of a non-working app yourself? See also: How to install iOS 6

Shortly after updating my iPhone to iOS 6 I took a photo using Taptaptap’s excellent photography app Camera+. See: iOS 6 review

See also: iPhone 5 review

When I tried to save the snap to my iPhone’s Camera Roll something went wrong. I was shown a “Saving error” message, reading “An error occurred while saving your photo to the Camera Roll. User denied access”.

Camera Roll User denied Access Camera+

I assumed that my favourite photography app had been found incompatible with iOS 6.

Cursing myself for not checking this first I contacted the app developer but heard nothing back.

Then I started looking into the iPhone’s Settings to see if there was something unchecked or switched off that I could manually change to fix the Camera+ problem.

Eventually I worked out why Camera+ won't save to camera roll (it's down to Location Services, which is now hidden away under Privacy).

How to fix Camera+ in iOS 6

Go to Settings and click on Privacy: Settings > Privacy

iPhone iOS 6 Privacy settings

Click on Photos on the next screen: Settings > Privacy > Photos

There you should see an option for Camera+ or any other app that allows you to save photos to the Camera Roll.

iPhone iOS 6 Privacy settings Photos

Switch this option On.

That’s it – it took a bit of flicking around the iPhone’s Settings but my iOS 6 update hadn’t ruined a perfectly good app, and it now happily saves my edited photos correctly to the Camera Roll.

We haven't yet tried this using the new iPhone 5, but I expect it's a problem only on older iPhones updated to iOS 6. Either way, the same fix should work.

As we noted in our Hands on with iOS 6 Settings, Location Services has been moved inside a new Privacy screen that lets you fine-tune access to Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Photos, Bluetooth Sharing, and your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Update: The developers of ProCamera got in touch with us to confirm its app has the same issue and fix. They've written a blog about it.

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