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Build your own personal cloud server

Turn an old PC into private online storage

Share and synch files with the Tonido personal cloud

One thing you might want to do with your own cloud server is to keep a folder on another computer synchronised. For example, you might want to keep the files in a folder on your desktop PC and laptop identical, or to sync your work and home computers, and so on. This is easy with Tonido.

Log into Tonido with a web browser and take a look at the left-hand panel. In addition to the disk drives, there is also My Shared Files and My Synced Files. Select My Synced Files and it opens the TonidoSync folder in the Documents folder on the PC. If you download and install TonidoSync Client on any other computer, it creates an identical TonidoSync folder in Documents. The files stored on the Tonido cloud server PC are automatically downloaded and once done, both folders are kept in sync.

This is great if you use two or more computers, such as at work and at home, or if you want to share files between computers on your home network. Be aware that deleting a file on one computer will automatically delete it on the other (synchronisation is not backup!). However, deleting a file in Explorer sends it to the Recycle Bin, so recovery is possible.

Set up file and folder syncing

1. Using the computer on which you want to create a synched folder, go to www.tonido.com and click the Downloads link. Scroll down the page until you come to the TonidoSync Clients. Download the software appropriate for your operating system.


2. Double click the program after downloading it and install it. It will run automatically afterwards and it will prompt you to enter your Tonido account name, used for the URL, and password. Ignore the Remote Answer box.

Connect to server

3. The software creates a folder called TonidoSync in your Documents folder. There is an identical one on the computer running Tonido and the contents of the two are kept in sync. Use it to share files among your computers.

TonidoSync folder

4. Files are private and secure by default, but you can make them public. Log in to the Tonido PC with a web browser and click the Share icon in the Actions column. Give the link to anyone who needs the file.

 Share files with others

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