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How to download webmail for offline viewing

Webmail won't download

Webmail is great, but sometimes you want to be able to read your emails when you don't have a web connection. Our Helproom Editor explains how to download webmail for offline viewing.

QUESTION How do I download emails to my hard drive for offline viewing? I access my email via Workspace Webmail. In most open windows there's a way to save files to disk, but this doesn't seem to be the case with email.

HELPROOM ANSWER Webmail is designed to work this way as a convenience, allowing you to access your email from anywhere you have an internet connection and without downloading your personal email to a PC you may not own.

Since you want to be able to view your messages offline, you will need to use an email client that uses the IMAP or POP3 protocol and will download your messages so they're stored locally. Mozilla's free Thunderbird is one such application, available free from tinyurl.com/6qLry7q.

Most services that provide a webmail system also work with applications such as Thunderbird, so we suggest searching through the support documentation for IMAP or POP3 instructions.

When you set up the software on your  PC it will ask you to enter the relevant server details. It will then download all your email on to your PC, where you can browse and edit them at your leisure.

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