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Create a vector logo for your company

Step-by-step guide to good logo design

How to create a vector logo

1. Start Xara and close the Getting Started document to leave a blank document called Untitled1 in which we’re going to create our logo. Select ‘Snap to Grid’ from the Windows menu. Now we’re only able to position objects on an invisible grid which helps us to keep lines perfectly straight and our objects evenly spaced. We’ll use the default grid spacing.

Snap to grid

2. From the toolbar at the left, select drawing tools (third down) and then the shape tool (third across) from the fly-out menu. On the blank page, draw a large arrow by clicking on each of its corners. It’ll automatically be filled in when you return to the starting point. If it’s not correct, edit it by dragging the corners, zooming in (bottom of the toolbar) if necessary.

Draw arrow

3. Click on a coloured diamond at the bottom of the screen to change the fill colour and do the same while holding down the shift key to alter the outline colour. We also need the outline to be thicker so, in the Standard control bar (immediately below the menu bar), choose 8pt as line width.

Srtoke and fill

4. With the arrow selected (if it isn’t use the selector tool at the top of the toolbar) select ‘Copy Shape’ and then Paste and ‘Paste Shape’, all from the Edit menu. A second arrow will appear. Click on the Flip Horizontally icon in the Infobar (immediately below the Standard control bar) and then drag it to its correct position relative to the first arrow.

Copy and paste

5. Select the Text tool from the toolbar. Click on the page and type ARROWS. Now use the Selector tool (top of the toolbar) to enlarge the text and drag it into place. Change its colour as before and select a font from Fonts Gallery which is accessible from the vertical bar at the right of the screen. Do the same for the word HAULAGE.

Add text

6. Save the logo in Xara’s proprietary format for subsequent editing but you’ll also need to export it in a standard format for use in a document such as a Word file. This is done using the Export option in the File menu. Commonly you’ll export as a bitmap but use a format with lossless compression (such as PNG) and select a suitable pixel resolution for your document.

 Save image

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