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How to back up and restore with Crashplan

Protect your data from any eventuality

Step 10. Unless you’re lucky enough to have access to super-fast internet, you may find CrashPlan’s use of your web connection is affecting your browsing experience. Click Settings and choose the Network tab. Specify the sending rate for when you are present or away from the machine using the adjacent drop-down menus.

Crashplan 10

Step 11. CrashPlan affords you control over where your archived data is stored. Click Destinations, then ensure you’re looking at the Overview tab. Select one of the three options offered: Computers, to back up to another computer; Folders, to back up to an attached drive; and Online, to back up to CrashPlan’s online servers.

Crashplan 11

Step 12. Backing up to another computer might be useful if you have business templates and the like that must be kept up to date on more than one machine. Note that you’ll need to install CrashPlan on any PC that is to be used as a backup location. To back up to an external drive, simply specify its location on the Folders tab.

Crashplan 12

Step 13. If you have more than one computer registered to use CrashPlan’s backup service, you can access information on them and configure their settings using the online dashboard. Any changes you make here are reflected on the computer itself, so there’s full two-way transparency.

Crashplan 13

Step 14. The online dashboard also lets you trigger the restore process. You can choose specific files and folders to restore, and which date you wish to go back to. Since this process works remotely, CrashPlan can also be a useful backup service for any less tech-savvy friends or family members whose PCs you maintain.

Crashplan 14

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