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How to create 3D home video

Transform your 2D footage with Roxio Creator 2011

3D is set to go mainstream in 2011, but you don't need expensive equipment to jump on the bandwagon. We show you how to convert 2D video into a 3D movie.

Step 3. Import your footage using the Add Content, Add Photo/Video menu. Roxio will prompt you to specify whether the footage was shot in 2D or 3D. VideoWave can edit native 3D footage from a variety of sources, maintaining the extra dimension. Here, we will concentrate on converting 2D footage to 3D.

Roxio Creator 2011 3D step 3

Step 4. VideoWave will begin to process your footage, analysing it for depth cues and converting your 2D frames into 3D. This can be a time-consuming process. It analyses each frame against adjacent frames, effectively doubling the number of video frames. The original frame will remain untouched, however.

Roxio Creator 2011 3D step 4

Step 5. The final footage will be encoded as a side-by-side format file. By default, it will be displayed as an anaglyph, with the images for each eye superimposed with red/cyan filtering. Alternatively, you can see the view from one eye or the other using the ‘3D Preview’ option. This is useful if you need to apply correctional filters.

Roxio Creator 2011 3D step 5

Step 6. Since VideoWave understands 3D formats, you can use its editing facilities to join together clips and add transitions, effects and titles. Bear in mind that most filters conflict with stereo vision, so avoid blocky digitising, glass texturing and similar effects. Adding a sepia tone won’t ruin the 3D effect, however.

Roxio Creator 2011 3D step 6

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