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How to improve communication with Word 2010

Create a PDF newsletter in Microsoft's word processor

Microsoft Word 2010 has always been far more than a word processor. We outline how to use it to produce a PDF newsletter for online and email distribution.

Step 7: Link text boxes. A letter ‘A’ appears at the bottom of text boxes that have overflowing copy. Select a text box, click the ‘Create Link’ button on the Format ribbon, then click in another text box to flow text from the first box to the second. To disconnect boxes, select the first box and click ‘Break Link’.

Word 2010 step 7

Step 8: Add images. Images can be dragged on to the document from Windows Explorer on a PC or Finder on a Mac. Double-click an image box and Word displays the Format Picture ribbon. Here you can tweak aspects such as the border and adjust the way text flows around the image. Drag the corners of an image box to resize it.

Word 2010 step 8

Step 9: Pan and zoom. To crop an image, click the Crop button on the Format Picture ribbon, then hold Shift and drag the corners of the image to scale it up. Click and drag the silhouette version of the image to move it around inside the image box. Click elsewhere on the page to implement the changes.

Word 2010 step 9

Step 10: Image filters. The Format Picture ribbon offers various filters that turn ordinary photos into more interesting graphics that can be used to decorate the document. In this case, combining the Soft-Edge Rectangle border with the Paint Strokes filter has turned a photo of a pot plant into a banner for the top of an article.

Word 2010 step 10

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