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How to play classic games on your PC

Enjoy Frogger, Yie Ar Kung-Fu and more with an emulator

We explain how to use a software emulator to maximise gameplay, turning your current Windows 7 computer into a classic arcade machine. You can enjoy Frogger, Yie Ar Kung-Fu and other great games of old.

Step 11. Newer games are often written for use with a controller rather than a keyboard. You can buy a cheap USB controller, such as Nyko’s £4.99 Airflo PC Controller. Go to Options and click ‘Default game properties’. Specify whether you want to use a controller. You’ll be offered a variety of mapping options.

Classic games 11

Step 12. If some of your games were written for older consoles, you may need to download a Bios ROM to play them. The game will tell you if you need to do so, and offer a link to download it. Download the zipped Bios ROM, extract the file, then drag-and-drop the Bios ROM into the MameUI32 ROM folder.

Classic games 12

Step 13. Select the Available tab on MameU132’s righthand menu to bring up a list of games that are now playable on your Windows 7 PC. Double-click a game. You may have to go through a quick ROM check – click Ok as required. Once you’ve completed this hurdle, you’re finally ready for 8bit retro-gaming heaven.

Classic games 13

Step 14. Most MameUI32 games use the up, down, left and right arrow keys, and use Alt as Fire and Spacebar as Jump. When you start, hitting the number five is like adding 10p coins into the arcade machine, and you can select single- or multiplayer modes. A help file will give a full list of controls.

Classic games 14

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