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How to play classic games on your PC

Enjoy Frogger, Yie Ar Kung-Fu and more with an emulator

We explain how to use a software emulator to maximise gameplay, turning your current Windows 7 computer into a classic arcade machine. You can enjoy Frogger, Yie Ar Kung-Fu and other great games of old.

Step 3. Double-click the MameU132 folder on your desktop to extract the zipped files. Alternatively, right-click the folder and choose 7-Zip to bring up a list of unzip and extraction options. Click the option to ‘Extract files’. By default, 7-Zip will unzip the Mame software on to your desktop.

Classic games 3

Step 4. Look in the unzipped MameU132 folder for the .exe setup file. This will be the largest file in the folder and is represented by a frog logo. Right-click the file and click ‘Create shortcut’. This will place a shortcut to the program in the folder. Drag-and-drop the shortcut on to your desktop.

Classic games 4

Step 5. With thousands of game ROMs to choose from, you’ll need a way to manage your library. We’ve used ROM Center. Download the program, then follow the installation wizard. You might not want to bother with this step at first, but a manager app will quickly become indispensable.

Classic games 5

Step 6. Double-click the MameUI32 shortcut on your desktop to open the emulator. The interface will display a list of arcade games you can play. However, not every ROM works with every emulator. The screenshot below shows the list of games, but the tabs at the side help to narrow down the selection.

Classic games 6

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