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How to create and manage FTP accounts

Send and receive large files with ease

We explain FTP - technology that makes it possible to send huge files between PCs, upload images to a website, and bypass your email client’s file-size restrictions.

Step 7. Download files from the FTP site by dragging-and-dropping them from the right (remote) panel into the left (local) panel. To upload files to the FTP site, simply drag them from the left panel to the right. This is an ideal way to handle individual files that you might want to share with others or download from the web.

FTP step 7

Step 8. Working with remote files is very similar to working with those stored locally. You can hold down Ctrl to select multiple files, and use the right-click menu to cut, copy, paste, create new folders and rename files. A few additional options are provided for advanced users, too.

FTP step 8

Step 9. Directly below the local and remote file panels is an activity log, which records file history during the current session. You can make it taller by dragging the frame upwards. If you’re uploading or downloading a large number of files, select the Queue tab to get a progress update.

FTP step 9

Step 10. If you run a website and want to ‘mirror’ the files on your local computer with those on the remote one, select the Tools menu and choose ‘Sync Directories’. This lets you compare file names and sizes, helping you to identify differences and ensure that your website uses exact copies of the content you have stored locally.

FTP step 10

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