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How to create quick portraits with Corel Painter

Create a striking and artistic portrait in minutes

It’s possible to combine the intuitiveness of painting with the convenience of digital art. We use Corel Painter 11  to create a striking and artistic portrait.

Step 3. Painter’s Quick Clone function (found under File, Quick Clone) creates a clone of the source image. Tracing paper can be toggled on and off for cloning selective areas using the cloning tools, or for tracing an image using any brush. This is useful when you want to move beyond Smart Stroke Painting.

Corel Painter 11 step 3

Step 4. Now back to the image. Before we start Smart Stroke Painting, you can remove any unwanted areas – here we’ve removed the dog’s lead. This can be done using the eraser or brush, or by cutting and pasting one area to mask another. By using the tools within Corel Painter you can achieve subtle, professional-seeming results.

Corel Painter 11 step 4

Step 5. We want to make our image vibrant using Painter’s colour-tweaking tools. Go to Effects, Tonal Control, Adjust Color and, using the preview to check the effect, move the saturation slider up by around 20 or 30 percent to make the colours seem more punchy and attractive for cloning.

Corel Painter 11 step 5

Step 6. There’s some groundwork you need to do for Smart Stroke Painting. Go to Window, Underpainting and select Color Scheme. Several presets are available, including Impressionist, Modern and Watercolor. Each preset simulates a style, some more effectively than others. Choose Impressionist.

Corel Painter 11 step 6

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