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How to make free calls from a PC or mobile phone

Save money with Skype and Truphone

Make free or low-cost calls over the internet using your PC, laptop or mobile phone. We show you how.

Step 3. Skype will display any connected microphones and webcams on the main screen. Choose either Ok or ‘Don’t use for Skype’ for each item. Alternatively, select Tools, Options and use the Video Settings to select your webcam, and the Audio Settings to select the microphone you want to use. Click Save.

Skype step 3

Step 4. You can search Skype for people you know by name or email address. Results can be filtered by country, age range and gender. Click ‘Add contact’ to make someone appear in your contacts list. You can also import contacts from your email account or Facebook. Local businesses can be found on Skype, too.

Skype step 4

Step 5. Before making your first Skype call, check your setup is functioning correctly using Skype’s sound test – a dedicated button is located under your contacts list. Press Call in the window that appears and a voice will prompt you to speak after the beep. Skype records your dialogue and plays it back to you.

Skype step 5

Step 6. To call someone, double-click their name in your contacts list and click either the Call or Video call link on their profile page. Once you’re connected, their profile picture will switch from a static image to video. A smaller video thumbnail of you will be shown inset. Click the red handset icon to end the call.

Skype step 6

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