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How to use Gmail to safely access email from abroad

Keep safe at Wi-Fi hotspots

If you can’t bear to be parted from your email inbox when you venture abroad, it’s important to ensure that the wireless connection you’re using to get online is secure.

Step 3. If you need to access your whole Gmail inbox while you're away, POP email is your best option. Go to Settings, Forwarding and POP/IMAP and tick 'enable POP for mail that arrives from now on'. Click Save Changes. Messages in your inbox will be readable from Google's servers even if you aren't connected to the web.

Secure your Gmail account step 3

Step 4. Even if you don't usually use Gmail, it's worth signing up for an account and having emails redirected using it for the duration of your trip. Sign up at the Google website, then go to Settings, Accounts and Import and enter details of your other webmail account. Enter the password and choose how Gmail should handle the messages.

Secure your Gmail account step 4

Step 5. If you wish, you can use the custom 'From' option in Gmail to make it appear as though your email is being sent from your regular email account. Go to Settings, Accounts and Import and click 'Send mail from another address'. Enter your email address details, click Next Step and follow the prompts.

Secure your Gmail account step 5

Step 6. If you anticipate having to wade through a lot of emails, adding a filter to the message list will let only important mail get through. Go to Filters, Create a Filter to set up a new rule. When you return from your trip, turn off the email forwarding service in the Settings, Accounts menu.

Secure your Gmail account step 6

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