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How to create an iPhone app

Plus: customise your BlackBerry or Google Android handset

Those who have given into the marketing hype of the iPhone may well have found that, despite having thousands of apps available in the App Store, the one you really want doesn’t exist. Creating your own app will provide the functionality you need, and companies who do so stand to gain real kudos. We'll also show BlackBerry and Google Android users how to customise their handsets.

Offering your iPhone app for download

Step 1. Now we’ve got our basic app assembled, we want to test it. AppMakr includes a preview mode, but to go much further we need to stump up £60 for an Apple Developer Account. Note that Apple is very rigorous about what can and can’t be offered for download from its App Store.

Offer your app for download step 1

Step 2. It’s easiest to get AppMakr to assist with the accreditation process. AppMakr charges a $250 admin fee, but this will be refunded if you pay $299 to download the finished app. AppMakr can pass only the apps that will be made available as free downloads.

Offer your app for download step 2

Step 3. Another alternative is to use the AdMob service and make some money by displaying ads on your app. Create an account at admob.com and enter the details of your embryonic app.

Offer your app for download step 3

Step 4. Go back into AppMakr and paste in the code Admob provides. Alternatively, you can use Apple’s own services to offer the app to consumers – for a fee. For more details on what’s involved, see Apple Developer Network (below). Validating an app after this takes around 30 days.

Offer your app for download step 4

Apple Developer Network

If you want to go down the more professional route when creating and testing out applications you’ve developed in AppMakr on your own iPhone, you could investigate joining the Apple Developer Network.

You can join the Apple Developer Network for free, but Apple also has a paid-for option ($99 – around £63). By paying Apple’s subscription, you’ll benefit from a range of services, including provisioning and distribution certification.

Once you’ve signed up for a developer account there’s a three-step process to attaching your developer account information to AppMakr. You need to generate a Certificate Signing Request and upload a Certificate to the Appmakr website, upload a private key, and upload both AdHoc and App Store Provisional files (downloaded from the Apple Developer site and uploaded to the AppMakr site).

The process itself is pretty complex, but Appmakr has a step-by-step guide that will walk you through it here.

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