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How to get Facebook Home on your Android smartphone

What you need to do to get Facebook Home on your phone

How to get Facebook Home

Facebook has announced a Facebook Phone in partnership with HTC, and with that it has also launched a brand new app that is completely different from all others. Here’s how to get Facebook Home onto your smartphone. See also: Facebook Home review; HTC First smartphone hands-on review.

If you’re still a little confused about what Facebook Home is (don’t worry it’s very confusing), take a look at our Facebook Home FAQ: What you need to know article. Once you’ve read that, you’ll be all clued up on this game-changing app.

Because Facebook Home isn’t a traditional app, not every Android device can simply download it straight away. At the time of launch, only the Facebook Phone (HTC First) itself, HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be able to download and use the app. Take a look at 31% of people want a Facebook Phone: 56% do not.

The next confirmed smartphones that Facebook Home will be available for are the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. Facebook has said that more devices will be able to get Facebook Home over the following months.

Facebook has been very vague about when Home will launch outside of the US, stating other countries will be able to get the app “shortly after” it’s launch on 12 April.

In terms of where you can actually download the app from it’s pretty straightforward. Facebook has said that it will be available to download directly from the Google Play store. From there, it will simply be a case of downloading Facebook Home and installing it on to your compatible smartphone.

At present, it seems that Facebook Home will only be available to download on Google Android, as it is an open source OS. It’s hard to imagine Apple, BlackBerry and Microsoft handing over so much of their OS to Facebook anytime soon. That’s just our opinion though, and has been neither confirmed or denied by any of the other major smartphone operating system providers.

Can i get Facebook Home

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