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How to check your Facebook profile for security threats

Ensure your social networking page isn't a security risk

When it comes to spam, malware and malicious content, social network Facebook is fast becoming one of the hotspots on the web. Everything from spam apps that post videos to your profile encouraging your friends to watch them and subsequently posting it on their wall, to more sinister apps that aim to obtain login details for online banking accounts, are rife on the social network.

In fact, recent research by security firm BitDefender revealed a quarter of Facebook users have a least one friend who's accidentally spreading malicious content via their profile. However, the security firm has come-up with a solution, Safeogo, a free app that scans your profile and flags up any malicious content such as URLs or video clips. Here's how to scan your Facebook profile using Safego.

Step one
Start by visiting BitDefender's dedicated Facebook page and press the Install app button.


Step two
You'll be asked to give permission for the app to access your Facebook profile. If you don't authorise the app and press Don't allow you'll be unable to use the Safego service.

Step three
The app will now scan your Facebook page. If there is any malicious content that has been posted on your profile, it'll be displayed at the top of the window. A button that allows you to warn whoever posted the content to your wall is located to the right-hand side of the infected item.

Step four
An analysis of the number of items scanned and any that are infected is displayed to the far left-hand side of the window, and below that lies a coloured indicator that identifies the privacy level of your Facebook page.

Step five
You can view the latest scan result at any time by clicking on the BitDefender Safego app logo, which is located on the left-hand side of your Home page underneath the heading Apps.

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