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How to remove Mikeyy and Conficker

Rid your PC of two pestilent infections

3. As an additional security measure, you can disable JavaScript in your browser. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options. On the Security tab, click Internet, Custom Level. Scroll down to Active scripting and click Disable. Firefox users can use NoScript to stop any unwanted scripts running.

Removing Twitter's Mikeyy worm: step 3

4. If you've noticed suspicious Tweets from your profile that include the words ‘Mikeyy' or ‘Stalkdaily', it's almost certain that your Twitter account has been infected. Make it clear to other users not to retweet (RT) any of the fake messages. Send a Tweet saying your account is infected and asking people not to retweet.

Removing Twitter's Mikeyy worm: step 4

5. Clear your browser cache and turn off JavaScript. Log into Twitter and delete any messages your profile posted that contain the word ‘Mikeyy'. You can turn JavaScript back on so you change your bio and URL and reset the colour scheme of your profile. Also consider changing your password.

Removing Twitter's Mikeyy worm: step 5

6. Once you've completed the steps above, log out of your account. If you wish, you can continue using Twitter via a desktop or mobile client. For the time being, you shouldn't access Twitter through the web interface, unless you're changing your details or deleting a Tweet.

Removing Twitter's Mikeyy worm: step 6

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