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How to protect your privacy on LinkedIn

Change settings to control the information available

When it comes to the business social network LinkedIn, adjusting your privacy settings is as important as it is on other networks such as Facebook. We've rounded up some important points to consider when altering your privacy settings on LinkedIn.

Profile and status updates

People use LinkedIn not only to track colleagues, but to see the collective activity of businesses in the company profiles section. When you update your CV - if you leave a job or take a new job - that information gets fed into company profiles and also LinkedIn's Movers & Shakers list. I allow my actions to be published because I like reading the company profiles, and if everyone checked 'no', the service would be pretty useless.

You must also decide whether or not to include your status update and make it available to your connections. Again, I don't think statuses will become a big part of LinkedIn until they integrate with Twitter.

Service provider directory

The service provider directory in LinkedIn allows, well, people who provide services to list recommendations they've received from fellow connections or customers who also use LinkedIn. I have this clicked on ‘Yes' and it's never been a problem for me, but that could centre around my line of work.

Partner sites

You'd be wise to keep an eye on this one. For now, it's harmless. LinkedIn has partnered with the New York Times to cull "non-personally identifiable information" from your LinkedIn profile. With this information, they will serve you up a customised list of NYTimes.com headlines.

The Times will also use this information to improve advertising on its own site. However, as they add more partner sites that do different things, you should check in on this setting every now and again.

Authorised application

LinkedIn added an application directory this year to help customise your profile. It's a small list of business-oriented tools. If you're unsure what applications you decided to install from the directory, this will help you know for sure.

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