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How to safely dispose of an old PC

Migrate from PC to PC in safety

5. Choose a transfer method. For the Easy Transfer Cable you'll need a USB port on each PC. To use a network, both PCs must access the same locations. If you have DVD or CD drives on both PCs, you simply need enough discs to hold your data. The same principle follows for using a USB drive or external hard disk.

Step 5: Transfer licences and files to a new PC

6. To decide what method to use, consider how much data you're moving. If it's multiple gigabytes rather than a few MBs, Easy Transfer Cable or networks are good options, as the transfer takes time and you won't have space issues. If it's just a few files or folders, use removable media. This is a much faster alternative.

Step 6: Transfer licences and files to a new PC

7. Set aside some time. The size of the files and settings you're transferring, the speed of your PCs and the transfer method you choose will dictate how much time you need. The more you transfer, the more time it takes. A big transfer could take several hours and it's not the sort of job you can leave unfinished.

Step 7: Transfer licences and files to a new PC

8. Run Windows Easy Transfer on the old PC. It will ask you whether you want to transfer all files and settings, just your user account or selected folders. To set up your new PC just the way you like it, we suggest you choose the ‘All files and settings' option. Then simply follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 8: Transfer licences and files to a new PC

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