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How to safely dispose of an old PC

Migrate from PC to PC in safety

Transfer licences and files to a new PC

1. Windows Easy Transfer is the easiest way to move files and settings from one Windows computer to another. You can transfer to your Vista PC all files, email contacts and program settings, but not the programs themselves.

Step 1: Transfer licences and files to a new PC

2. Gather together all your software discs, the links you need for software downloads and the install keys for all the programs you want to preserve. If you leave a program on a PC you're donating to a friend, you're breaking the law if you also install and use that program on your new PC. Install the programs on your new PC.

Step 2: Transfer licences and files to a new PC

3. To copy your program settings, the applications must be installed on both PCs at the same time. Most will allow you to do this, briefly, even if it breaches the licence, but uninstall programs from the old PC when you're done or you'll be a law breaker. If an app won't install a second time, contact the software maker.

Step 3: Transfer licences and files to a new PC

4. Copy Windows Easy Transfer to your old PC using a DVD, across a network, or via a USB flash drive (or indeed any storage device your old computer can read). Alternatively, you can buy an Easy Transfer Cable and use the CD that comes with it to install the software and any drivers on your old PC.

Step 4: Transfer licences and files to a new PC

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