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How to back up your digital photos online for free

Plus how to sync photos with the cloud, your PC and smartphone

Syncing your phone with the cloud

Thanks to the impressive advances in mobile technology many people now use their smartphone as their primary camera. A bonus of this is that there are several services which offer the ability for your iOS, Android and, to a lesser extent, Windows Phone 8 hansdet to automatically send copies of your photos to their web storage facility.

Google+ is one, Flickr’s excellent new app allows a similar functionality, as does one of our long term favourites in the online realm - Dropbox.

To set up this very useful feature visit www.dropbox.com and signup for a free account. You’ll be given a complimentary 2GB to start with but you can earn more space by recommending the service to friends or on social networks.

Signing up to the syncing photos online option gives you an additional 3GB of free storage, which will be enough to protect a very healthy amount of snaps.

Now simply download the app to your smartphone, turn on photo syncing (being sure to set the preferences to uploading over Wi-Fi only, thus avoiding a nasty shock when your next phone bill arrives) and you’re done. Each time you take a photo from now on they will be marked for upload when you reach a Wi-Fi connection.

Dropbox on iPhone 5 - camera upload photos

If you install Dropbox on your PC, Mac, or Linux machine (one of the reasons we love Dropbox is the platform neutral nature of the service), then the photos will also appear there automatically, meaning you have multiple copies on different servers and devices.

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