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How to organise your digital photo collection

A step-by-step guide to managing your digital workflow

4. Once imported, images appear as scrollable thumbnails along the bottom of the screen. Click on an image to have it appear in the middle of the screen (or even on a second screen) where you can look at it properly and make any necessary adjustments. Right-click within an image and you can assign it a star rating or label.

Photodirector rate stars

5. A great feature is Tag Faces. This quickly analyses the photo library, asks you to name each person, then automatically recognises them thereafter. Now you can filter your library to show only shots of your mum or your brother George. You can assign star ratings to photos as you go, making it possible to filter your search results even more finely.

Photodirector auto tag faces

6. You might find it useful to give photos a coloured label, perhaps because they're interesting enough to show to friends, even if they're not the best quality. Alternatively you could use a colour for marking photos for editing later. This way you can quickly work through a whole photo album without getting bogged down in editing.  

Photodirector give photos coloured labels

7. If you haven’t already done so, you can add tags such as location, extra people in the photo and any copyright restrictions by clicking on the Metadata tab at the top left. At the very bottom, you’ll see any tags that are already associated with the photo, plus a dropdown list of tags relating to other photos in the same batch.

Photodirector add tags

8. Useful edits include boosting the contrast and adding HDR (high dynamic range) effects. To see the effect of such changes, click the two-pane layout view just below the main PhotoDirector editing screen. You can now see before and after versions of your photos. A reset button on the left lets you undo changes.

Photodirector compare photos

9. Once you’re happy with your images, you can share them directly from the app to your Flickr account. There’s also an Export option. Tagged and star-rated items now come into their own as you can automatically select and publish those. Be sure you’ve either watermarked or added copyright protection to your shots.

Photodirector photo metadata

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