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How to set up your printer to save ink and paper

Plus: print to PDF rather than paper

The paperless office is yet to become a reality, which means print costs are a continuing issue. We look at how to be print-savvy to save paper and ink, plus when to PDF your documents instead

Refill your old ink cartridges

Model-specific kits are available for refilling empty printer cartridges and provide everything you need to get the job done, including needles, syringes, gloves and instructions.

The process typically involves using a syringe to draw ink from a refill tank, then injecting that ink into your old cartridge using a needle. You then check there’s no air in the cartridge, clean off its casing, reinsert it in your printer and run the cleanup cycle.

If you’re nervous about completing this process for the first time, you might find one of the video tutorials available at inktecshop.co.uk helpful. Videos are available for refilling various brands of ink cartridges.

Once you’ve gained some confidence in refilling your own ink, you stand to make some considerable savings by buying your refill ink in bulk. You can continue using the same syringe and needle that was provided in your original refill kit.

If you can’t get the hang of it, you can still save cash by buying refilled cartridges online at cartridgeworld.co.uk.

Donate waste cartridges to charity

Some printer manufacturers incentivise the responsible disposal of their cartridges. They will take back used cartridges and may offer business customers a discount on new ones. Home users can recycle cartridges, too. Rather than saving you money, profits from the refurbishment, refilling and resale of the cartridges will go to charity.

Many cartridge-recycling schemes provide Freepost envelopes that are suitable for households or small companies. If you work in a larger company and are prepared to pool your cartridges, or you’re an individual who’s prepared to stockpile spent cartridges, you could arrange for regular collections to be made – again, for free.

If you have a favourite charity, your first port of call should be its website to find out how you can donate your old ink cartridges. The other side of the coin is buying recycled or reconditioned cartridges. By doing that you will be helping your chosen charities at the other end of the ink-cartridge food chain.

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