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How to: Speed up your home network

Banish wireless blues

Learn how to speed up wired and wireless networks, identify and manage bottlenecks and get everything running like clockwork

Banish wireless blues

Step 1. Wireless networks have got faster but can still go wrong. And if your network's down, so is your web access. PCs and laptops have ethernet ports, so can be added to a wired network; each system simply needs an NIC (network interface card), and the ‘server' machine must be connected to the router.

Wireless blues step 1

Step 2. If your router has a Quality of Service (QoS) feature, use this to make clearer Skype calls without the voice dropouts and scrambling you'd otherwise get on a congested network. QoS options are often found in the Settings menu on the configuration and administration panes. Consult the router manual for details.

Wireless blues step 2

Step 3. Another way around wireless woes is to switch to a different sort of network, at least for the most important elements of the network. HomePlugs (also known as powerline plugs) use the electrical circuit in the building to form a physical network. You need to have pairs of HomePlugs of the same type, however.

Wireless blues step 3

Step 4. If a device disappears from the network or can no longer get online, you may need to release its IP address and generate a new one. Go to Start, Run and type cmd. In the black screen that appears, type ipconfig/renew. Assuming you aren't using a static IP address, Windows should provide a new IP address.

Wireless blues step 4


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