Galaxy Note 3

How to move your music from an iPhone to an Android phone, when you don't have a laptop or PC.

QUESTION After spending the past six years with iPhones, I finally purchased a Galaxy Note 3. Now the problem is this: there was a burglary at my place a few years ago and my laptop was stolen, I still haven't replaced it. I cannot afford to lose all the music I have on my iPhone (most of it purchased on iTunes) and I really can't find a way to transfer music from one phone to the other without a computer.

My partner has a laptop I can use, but since he has an iPhone as well, I don't think I can use his iTunes to do this as he has his own music installed on there.
Can you help me?

HELPROOM ANSWER Copying music from your iPhone to another device is tricky as iTunes is designed for the most part to transfer music from your computer to your phone and not in the other direction.

There are third party tools available which can help you to do what you want. Take a look at Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to Computer Transfer, or Leawo iTransfer. There are many other options out there too, although most will require you to pay for them.

These tools will allow you to copy music from your iPhone into iTunes on a PC or Mac, but you will need to ensure that your collection is kept separate from your partner's.
The easy way to do this is to set up a second user on your partner's laptop. You can then sign in as this second user and have your own personal settings, including your own iTunes library. You don't say whether your partner's laptop is a PC or a Mac, but the principle is the same.

Once you have imported your music into iTunes on the laptop, you can use Samsung's Easy Phone Sync software to transfer it all on to your Galaxy Note 3. But almost any Android phone will find all of your music files anyway, and put them on your handset. Find out more in our full guide to moving from iPhone to Android.

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