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Remains of the Day: The boys of summer

It may be the summer of the iPhone 5S; Apple's considering dropping into China; and an old friend of Apple's has some advice for Tim Cook. The remainders for Tuesday, January 15, 2013 love for you will still be strong.

iPhone 5S Reportedly Slated for March Production with June/July Launch (MacRumors)

Is the next revision of the iPhone slated for a summer premiere? Despite launching its last two models in the fall, Apple has in the past released most of its handsets in the June or July. Could we see a return to that in 2013? Well, I'll say this: It's more likely than Apple not releasing a phone this year.

Rumor: Apple to Establish R&D Center in Beijing and Move Some Servers to China (BrightWire)

Apple's invested a lot of time into developing China as a market, so a report that they're considering establishing an R&D presence as well as moving some servers there isn't exactly shocking. I mean, Tim Cook once sent a guy to China for looking at him funny.

With licensing and cost issues, can Thunderbolt break out of its niche? (Ars Technica)

Thunderbolt still has yet to make it to the mainstream, reports Ars Technica, thanks to issues of cost and licensing. Which, as well know, are the "death and taxes" of technology.

Apple iPhone needs to adapt to emerging-market growth, Sculley says (Bloomberg)

That's right, former Apple CEO John Sculley is throwing down to Tim Cook on supply chain. John Sculley.

Apple Retail VP Jerry McDougal Resigns (AllThingsD)

That's right: a VP. Not an SVP, a VP. Apple must have a couple hundred of them, so what's one more or less? But it's Apple and it's retail, and that means news.

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