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Upgrade laptop graphics card

Is it possible to upgrade the graphics in a laptop?

Can you upgrade the graphics sub-system in a laptop? Our Helproom, editor explains how to check if your laptop can be upgraded, how to do it, and why you probably shouldn't.

QUESTION My HP Compaq NX 9420 laptop runs Windows 7 Ultimate. It has AMD Mobility Radeon graphics with 256MB of VRAM. Can I upgrade the graphics card, enabling me to play Need For Speed: The Run? Castro Mzizi

HELPROOM ANSWER In most cases, it isn't possible to upgrade a laptop's graphics. Not only does it tend to be a rather complicated procedure, but it's difficult to obtain a compatible replacement via the normal channels. Note that an upgrade will usually void your warranty.

The AMD Mobility Radeon X1600 is a replaceable part for your laptop, but the only compatible alternative is another 256MB board: the nVidia Quadro FX 1500M. Since Need For Speed lists 512MB of video memory as a minimum requirement, you're still out of luck. And even if there was a better option, the fastest available processor for your laptop (2.33GHz) doesn't meet the game's 2.4GHz requirement.

Details of your laptop's internal components can be found in the service manual here.

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