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Get started with Pinterest

Step-by-step guide to the new online pinboard

6. To improve your standing on Pinterest – or simply to share items you like and have stumbled across – you need to pin original items. Pinterest etiquette dictates that the original pinner gets credit for repins. Click the Add button next to your profile, choose Add a pin and then copy the pertinent page link. You can also upload images. A good photo and description will help ensure your pin is found.

Pin your first item

7. Videos as well as photos can be shared on Pinterest. Channels for each are listed at the top of the page. You can also use Pinterest to market your products (be wary of overpromotion so you aren’t deemed a spammer) and to showcase your own talents to potential employees. Items for sale are listed under Gifts by rough price range. Note that when you type in a figure and it will appear in US dollars.

Videos on Pinterest

8. Cute works well on Pinterest, but it also works well for spammers. As with any website, you should be wary of the links you click on. We clicked on one that lead to an apparently innocent physic profile questionnaire. Dodgy photos and phishing are rare, but Pinterest provides a reporting tool for these and spam to the right of each entry.

Report pin

9. Once you’re following a few pinners and have several boards, it can be hard to keep up with the additions to Pinterest. For desktop use, Pinterest is easy enough to control via your web page. On the road, a smartphone app is ideal for uploading and sharing pins. There’s a free Pinterest app for iOS plus a handful of third-party ones, while Android and Windows Phone users can use Pinsensation.

 Pinterest on smartphone

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