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How to claim your brand on the social web

Establish a social presence quickly and efficiently

Facebook, Twitter and other social sites now play an integral role in the marketplace, connecting businesses with customers, partners and industries at large. We show you how to quickly establish your social presence and get more out of any social media efforts you may already be making.

Tie it all together

If you don't have a full-time staff dedicated to your social media campaign, it would be foolhardy to spend hours a day keeping each of these channels stocked with fresh posts and content. So don't kill yourself trying. Instead, use these channels to share content from your primary channel - your blog.

Make sure your blog features a plug-in that makes it easy for people to tweet your posts or share them on Facebook. This should appear on every page of your site, in a prominent spot. There's nothing presumptuous here: If people like what they see, they'll share it. If not, they won't. But if you don't make it easy for people to share what they find on your site, you can be nearly certain it won't happen.

Stick to your blogging routine, focusing on making great content. Throw video into the mix and embed it on your blog. Tweet your latest blog post as soon as it's live. Link it on your Facebook wall. Along the way, take the time to engage with your followers and fans. Answer their questions, thank them for their feedback (even when it's bad), and generally kill them with kindness. Keep at it, and you should build that proverbial virtuous circle, feeding your social media streams with good content that drives people back to your site and keeps them watching your streams for more.

Meanwhile, add your Facebook page and Twitter handle to your business cards and marketing material. Make sure your existing clientele knows about your social media presence, and consider offering rewards to customers who follow you on Twitter and like you on Facebook. It's an easy way to jumpstart your online audience and keep existing customers and colleagues engaged with your brand.

From start to finish, you should probably be able to complete all of the basic setup steps in this quick guide within a single afternoon. What takes time is the ethereal social element, building relationships. But that, in my view at least, is what business is all about.

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  6. Tie it all together
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