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How to claim your brand on the social web

Establish a social presence quickly and efficiently

Facebook, Twitter and other social sites now play an integral role in the marketplace, connecting businesses with customers, partners and industries at large. We show you how to quickly establish your social presence and get more out of any social media efforts you may already be making.


Once you've started your blog and posted some cool stuff, the easiest place to share it is Twitter. For its users, Twitter's constant stream of short posts is the closest thing to crack on the Net. And better still, it requires minimal time and effort on your part.

It takes all of a minute to create a Twitter account. Just go to twitter.com and click Sign Up. Enter your name or your company's name in the Full Name field, and then pick a username, which should be as close as possible to your company's name. As with every other popular web service, you may find that your first choice of username is already taken by someone else. Get a little creative, but not overly so. If your company is Bill's Electric and @billselectric is already taken, try @ElectricWilliam or something similar. By no means should you accept @billselectric3417.

It's important to keep your username short. A long username will work against you when people retweet your messages.

If you already have a Twitter account that's not under your brand name and you have a healthy number of followers, consider changing your username to your brand name. You can do this in the Settings menu, and it won't disrupt your existing account in any way.

To build your following on Twitter, start following people you find interesting. Start with people in your own industry and related fields. After all, they've already demonstrated an interest in content similar to yours, and they probably already have followings that would be interested in the stuff you're going to be tweeting about. Don't spam them. Just follow them, interact with them, and retweet the things that you find interesting. If you're genuine, people will notice and your following will grow.

Under no circumstance should you give in to the temptation to use any service that promises to grow your following by automatically following people or other similar shenanigans. It may seem to work, but you'll almost certainly end up following a few thousand people you have nothing in common with, and who don't care about your message. Let your following grow organically, even if the pace is slower than you'd like. A few dozen followers who actually care about what you have to say will be a lot more valuable to your business than 10,000 followers who don't.

Once you've got a little following going, however small, use your platform to promote special offers for your followers. Small discounts and added extras can entice users to ring you up. But don't overdo the promotional stuff: Always, always, always make valuable, useful content the core of your social strategy.

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