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How to get broadband internet for free

Avoid pitfalls and get the best broadband deals



Broadband Starter is for new and existing customers. You're required to sign up to an 18- or 24-month pay monthly mobile plan costing £30 or more – broadband is free with selected mobile price plans.

Connection speed isn't great – up to 2Mbps – and there's a tiny 2GB monthly download limit. This is fine if you're a casual browser, but if you're regularly downloading multiple episodes of Lost, you'll need more.According to Orange a 2GB limit is sufficient for 90 percent of its customers, and it claims to be fairly tolerant if customers occasionally step over the line. Persistent offenders will be threatened with disconnection.

Any customer requiring more than 2Mbps or 2GB in downloads each month must pay an extra £5 a month for their broadband connection (on top of their mobile phone rental). Worse still, Orange is now billing users of the 'free' package 50p per minute for technical support. Users who pay for their broadband avoid this premium fee.

On paper, Orange Broadband is suitable for high-end mobile phone users who don't need top broadband speeds and don't download much. But complaints about customer service are still causing concern – the company recently came bottom in a uSwitch customer poll.

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In this month's PC Advisor podcast, we discuss the emergence of 'free laptops', 'free broadband' and 'free software', and check out the best deals available to UK consumers. PLUS: find out why technology vendors are so keen to give their wares away, and
learn how to avoid the pitfalls inherent in such freebie deals.

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