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How to transfer your iTunes library to an Android smartphone or tablet

Stop carrying around an mp3 player by transferring your iTunes library to your Android smartphone or tablet

Transfer iTunes library to Android

Smartphone or tablets are essentially portable music players so here is how to transfer your iTunes library to an Android phone or tablet.

So you've got a new Android smartphone or tablet and want to listen to your amazing music collection on it, but how on earth do you get your library from your computer to your Android device?

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Luckily the process is fairly simple because Android devices appear on computers as storage volumes. You'll need a microUSB to regular USB cable for this which is normally supplied with any new device.

How to transfer iTunes library to Android phone

Step One

Plug your Android phone (or tablet) into your PC. You may need to tell the phone to operate in MTP mode for transferring files.

Android MTP mode

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Step Two

Open a new File Explorer window and navigate to your device's music folder. In this case the location is: This PC > Chris' G2 > Internal Storage > Music.

Android music folder

Leave this window open ready to move your music.

Step Three

Open a new File Explorer window (right click on 'This PC' and select 'open in a new window') and find your iTunes music library. By default this is found in: This PC > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Music.

iTunes music folder

Step Four

With the two windows open next to each other on your desktop simply drag and drop the music you want to transfer to your Android device. You can select particular folders or just move everything if you have enough free storage space on your device.

Transfer iTunes library to Android

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