Nintendo showcases its latest developments and new games at E3 2015, and was one of the last press conferences to take place. The company was among many big players in the games industry showing off what they've been working on this week, including Microsoft, Sony, EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix and others. Here's how to re-watch Nintendo's E3 2015 press conference live video stream, officially named Nintendo Digital Event where it announced new games for Wii U and 3DS including StarFox Zero, Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and more.

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Nintendo E3 2015 Digital Eevent: Where can I watch Nintendo's E3 conference?

Nintendo has confirmed that its keynote, which it calls Nintendo Digital Event, will take place ion 16 June at 5pm BST, which is 12pm local time over in Los Angeles where the event is held. That's just before the final keynote of the event from Square Enix, which will kick off at 6pm on 16 June.

Update: If you missed the Nintendo Digital Event at E3 2015 you can watch it again any time you like with the video below.

Nintendo E3 2015 Digital Event: New games and release dates

There was little in the way of rumour and leaks before the Nintendo Digital Event at E3 2015 and that is perhaps becuase the firm didn't exactly announce a bumper crop of new games. Those hoping for details on the new NX console will have to wait until 2016 for information.

Probably the best announcement was the first which was StarFox Zero which will please old-school gamers and is netiher a sequel nor a prequel. Instead it sits alongside the orginal StarFox 64. It will arrive on Wii U Q4 of 2015.

Other titles announced for the Wii U include Genei Ibun Roku (2016), Xenoblade Chronicles X (December 2015), Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Q4 2015), Animal Crossing amiibo Festival (Q4 2015) and Super Mario Maker (9 September).

Nintendo E3 2015 new games Wii U 3DS

Over on the 3DS the big announcement is Zelda: Tri Force Heroes which will involve using three Link characters at once with the new totem mechanic and even suits for power-ups a bit like Mario.

Other 3DS titles include Hyrule Warriors: Legends (Q1 2016), MetroidPrime: Federation Force (2016), Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer (2 October), Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. (Spring 2016). Yo-kai Watch from Level-5 will launch in Europe in 2016.

Nintendo didn't mention the upcoming and highly-anticipated Zelda for Wii U, because it wants to concentrate on developing the game further but did spend time looking at Yoshi's Woolly World which comes out this month. See: 26 highly-anticipated games 2015/2016

Nintendo E3 2015 bowser amiibo

Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser are Skylanders guests but they also work as amiibo. They will work in Skylanders Super Chargers on Wii U and 3DS with their own vehicles. A large 8-bit Mario amiibo will also be launched alongside the Mario Maker game which will allow players to turn into an extra-large Mario. The game will also feature a special mushroom turning Mario into 'costume Mario' which will reflect the amiibo in use.

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