On 12 June 2016, EA announced plenty of new games at its EA Play event. Along with Activision, EA decided to host its own event outside of the E3 trade show and simultaneously hosted its event at in London and LA. Here's how to re-watch the EA Play live stream and catch-up with all the new game announcements.

Watch EA Gamescom 2016 live stream here

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How to re-watch the EA Play 2016 live stream: how to re-watch the E3 rival event live

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What is EA Play? How do I watch EA at E3 2016? Is EA going to be at E3?

If you're asking all the (right) questions above, we don't blame you being excited. EA, the biggest game publisher in the world is announced a whole host of different games. You might be wondering how to watch the event - don't worry we've got you covered. At the top of this article you'll see EA's very YouTube live stream, which will allow you to re-watch the entire press conference.

The EA Play event took place on Sunday 12 June 2016 at 9pm UK time and 1pm in Los Angeles.

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What was announced from EA at E3 2016: what was announced at EA Play?

EA, also known as Electronic Arts who supposedly Challenge Everything is a company known for its games. It therefore comes as no surprise that there were a huge number of EA titles showcased and announced at the EA Play event.

Here are the list games that were showcased at the event

  • Battlefield 1 
  • Titanfall 2 
  • FIFA 17
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda 
  • Madden NFL 17 
  • NHL 17 
  • Star Wars
  • EA Originals

The above games are extremely exciting to see, especially Battlefield 1, which is set to be a blockbuster AAA title from developers DICE. Also see: Battlefield 1 release date, price, beta, gameplay and trailer and our full Battlefield 1 review

EA Play - Battlefield 1

At EA Play, there were interesting developments on Star Wars, with 2017 bringing a new Battlefront. However, that's old news, as what is even more interesting is that in 2018 Visceral Games will be taking charge of the next Star Wars, with the video showcased in the press conference including the PlayStation VR headset. So, if you were looking forward to using a lightsaber, you'll be able to do so in 2018 - exciting times!

With the major titles looking to set a lot of hearts racing, we are also excited to see that EA will be supporting other game developers by releasing EA Originals - a way of developers to secure profits and have the appeal to mainstream gamers. The first game will be called 'Fe' where the game is centred on nature and discovery, see the trailer below and let us know your thoughts!

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EA Play videos: Trailers and gameplay footage

Battlefield 1

Titanfall 2


Mass Effect: Andromeda

Madden NFL 17

NHL 17

Star Wars

EA Originals