Ubisoft took to the stage at E3 2016 on 13 June to show off what it's been working on. Here, you can watch the Ubisoft E3 2016 live stream now that it's been and gone, and also reveal what Ubisoft announced during the event.

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How to watch the Ubisoft E3 2016 event live stream recap

Ubisoft has kindly shared its E3 2016 keynote for us to watch now that it's over. You can watch the full conference above. Read next: The most anticipated games of 2016

What was announced at the Ubisoft E3 2016 event

Ubisoft's E3 keynote was lengthy and filled with great gaming announcements.

The keynote kicked off with new info about Ghost Recon Wildlands, which is the first in the series to be set in a massive and responsive open world, complete with nine varying types of terrain from mountains to deserts, along with a dynamic weather system and day-night cycle.

That was followed by a new South Park game called The Fractured But Whole which looks like a lot of fun.

The we took a look at new Tom Clancy's The Division updates, including a new Survival DLC.

Next up was Watch Dogs 2, which we already knew was happening because the announcement had already taken place – there’s a new protagonist, a completely new location to hack and of course, a drone that you can send in to do your dirty work for you (Maybe the lead character should read up on the drone code).

Eagle Flight is a VR game coming soon, which was next in Ubisoft's line-up, then we saw Star Trek Bridge Crew too.

For Honor was first revealed at last year’s E3 event, and is a third-person melee game set in medieval times that Ubisoft claims mixes speed, strategy and team play with close-range combat. Gamers can choose between playing as a Viking, Samurai or Knight, each with their own unique abilities -  Vikings are aggressive, Samurai’s value combat mystery while Knights are focussed on controlled thrusts and parrying. We were treated to our first look at single-player gameplay, which looks pretty incredible.

A new game coming from Ubisoft is called Grow Up, as sequel to Grow Home, and we also saw a new game called Steep, which is an open-world action sports game set on snowy mountains.