Swiftly following the Nintendo Switch Presentation, Nintendo has another Direct to appease all you gamers out there. Here we take a look at when the next broadcast is and how to watch the Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct live video stream. Replay the video any time you like. See also: Nintendo Switch everything we know so far including release date, price and specs.

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When is the next Nintendo Switch presentation? What time does it start?

Nintendo Direct is the legendary Japanese gaming company's way of communicating with both the press and fans. It's namely for making news announcements for new games including features and release dates.

The next Nintendo Direct presentation will take place on 18 January and will start at 10pm GMT. You can watch the replay above. 

This edition is dedicated to the Fire Emblem series of games. Nintendo said "Join us for a Nintendo Direct focused on upcoming Fire Emblem titles."

Nintendo announced Fire Emblem games for Android, 3DS and the new Switch console including Fire Emblem Heroes, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and Fire Emblem Warriors. It also said a new game that is yet to have a title will arrive on Switch in 2018.

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How to watch Nintendo Direct live video stream: Fire Emblem

If you're keen to watch the Nintendo Direct for Fire Emblem then you're in luck. We've embedded the Nintendo Twitch live stream at the top of the page so come back at 10pm to watch the video as it happens. 

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Previous Nintendo Direct: Switch Presentation 2017

If you want to re-watch the Nintendo Switch Presentation for the Nintendo Direct then you've come to the right place. We've embedded the YouTube video of the whole event below so sit back with your favourite beverage and enjoy the show. The event kicks off with a light show and some music from the 15-minute mark, with the presentation proper starting 33 minutes in.