With the news that Microsoft is freeing up a whopping 1 million gamertags on Xbox Live, we show you how to change your Xbox gamertag. See also: Best Xbox One games 2016.

There are various ways of changing your Xbox gamertag so you’re not limited to the console - you can change Xbox gamertag without Xbox. In fact, the easiest way is to simple use a web browser on a PC (using a keyboard will help when typing in gamertags to find one which is available).

We’re going to show you that method but also how to change your Xbox gamertag on Xbox One as well. Changing your Gamertag won’t impact your Gamerscore, Achievements, or your Friends list. Read the rumours on the possible Xbox One Slim.

The rerelease of 1 million gamertags will happen over a 24 hour period to give users around the world an equal chance of getting one. There’s no list but they include proper names, pop culture references, types of food, geography and travel, science and technology, math and numbers, animals and inventions. Note that Xbox 360 users will have to use xbox.com, the Windows 10 app or an Xbox One to participate.

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Xbox settings gametag

How to change your Xbox gamertag online

1. Log into to your Xbox account online.
2. Choose Change gamertag from the Xbox settings page (click your avatar to access the menu)..
3. Enter your new gamertag, and then select Check Availability.
4. Once you’ve found an available gamertag, hit Claim It!.

If you were given an Xbox gamertag when initially signing up then you can change it once for free. However, if you’ve chosen a gamertag at any point then you’ll be charged a price of £7.99 for choosing a new one.

Change Xbox gamertag online PC

How to change your Xbox gamertag on Xbox One

1. Open the guide by scrolling left from Home.
2. Head to the top and select your gamerpic.
3. Under Sign in, highlight your gamerpic, and then press the A button.
4. Select View profile, and then Customise profile. Select your gamertag to change it.
5. Select Make my own to create your own or choose a suggested gamertag.
6. Type in the new gamertag, and then select Enter.
7. If it’s available then select Claim it, then Sounds good.
8. Once you see your gamertag, select Close.

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