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Draw Something tips and tricks

Improve your pictures in the popular mobile game

6. Use the eraser to draw white objects

Need to draw the word 'wedding'? You'll want a flowing white dress - not that easy to achieve on a white background. You could draw an outline using tip no. 5 but it's nicer to use the thickest line to paint in a coloured background, then use the eraser as a white paintbrush.

 Wedding using eraser

7. Think American

One of the drawbacks, if you'll pardon the pun, is that Draw Something is a US-centred game. We hope the developer will sort this out in the forthcoming update, but for now, we're stuck with a bunch of Americanisms such as soccer, smores and molasses.

It's possible to avoid these words, but you might want to adopt a convention of drawing a small American flag so your friends know it isn't an English word they're trying to guess.

8. Get new words without using up bombs

Sometimes, you're presented with three words that you either don't know or you can't draw. Draw Something allows you to get new words, but at the expense of one of your bombs. There's a way to cheat and get new words for free, though.

Get new words

Simply return to your device's home screen and then quit the app. On iOS devices, double-tap the Home button to view running apps and tap and hold on Draw Something to show the 'x'. Tap it to exit the app, then tap the main screen to shut the multitasking bar, then relaunch Draw Something. You'll have to go through the process of guessing the other person's drawing again but you'll get a new selection of words when it's time to draw a picture for them.

8.5. Pick a new word to draw

Accidentally tapped on the wrong word and can't draw it? No problem. As with the bombs trick above, simply quit the app and restart it. You'll return to the list of games where you can start again with the watching, guessing, drawing process.

9. Use an arrow to get your point across

The lack of rules in Draw Something means that pretty much anything goes. Of course, it's pointless to write the word you're supposed to be drawing, but you CAN draw an arrow to highlight the part of a picture that depicts the word. Even the developer, OMGPOP, suggests this in its own list of tips and tricks.

10. Use Google images to give you inspiration

Some of the words in Draw Something are harder than others to draw. Oddly, the difficulty rating against some words is the opposite of what it should be, but that's beside the point. People tend to be the most difficult to draw as unless you're an artist skilled at caricatures, it's hard to make Kate Moss look different from Lady GaGa.

Lady GaGa

One trick we've used is to search Google Images for cartoon pictures of people and other objects. Copying these usually results in a much more recognisable drawing.

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