CES is the biggest technology show of the year and it starts in Las Vegas this week. Here is where you can watch a live video stream of the Sony press conference in order to find out what new products are announced as it happens. Find out what to expect from CES 2016.

The CES 2016 press conference schedule is jam packed on 5 January and as usual Sony will have its moment at 5pm local time. That means if you're watching in the UK you'll need to tune in at the slightly unsociable hour of 1am (on 6 January). If you're still awake then you can catch the live stream right here at the top of the page – it's a rerun of last year's at the moment but we'll swap it when we can if necessary. If it doesn't work, you can tune into Cnet's live coverage of the press conference at the bottom of this page.

Sometimes companies announce what they're going to show off at CES ahead of the show, normally to avoid getting lost in the tsunami of news which arrives almost at the same time. However, Sony has kept quiet so far on which new products will be unveiled.

Sony press conference CES 2016

The big question on most lips is "will the Xperia Z6 be launched?" but we don't think it will. Perhaps we're wrong but don't get your hopes up too much as the Z5 range hasn't been on sale long and Sony has lengthened its refresh cycle.

That doesn't mean there won't be anything exciting though as the official listing for the conference states there will be news related to smart home accessories, audio, photography, sensors, High Resolution, wireless devices and other consumer technology.

As the invitation and above list suggests, there will be coverage on a wide range of new gadgets. Tune in live and watch out for coverage from CES this week and beyond on PC Advisor.