As you might know, there's a new version of the hit show Top Gear coming back to our TV screens following the departure of Jeremy Clarkson and crew. Here's how to watch the new Top Gear for 2016 - also check out the new Top Gear presenters and watch the Top Gear trailer above.

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"Top Gear is, quite simply, the biggest motoring telly show in history. Watched by an estimated 350 million viewers in some 212 territories across the globe, it is – according to the chaps at the Guinness Book of World Records, who know about such things – the most-watched factual television programme IN THE WORLD," said the BBC.

New Top Gear date and time: When is the new Top Gear on?

The new series of Top Gear staring Chris Evans, Matt Le Blanc, Rory Reid and others began on 29 May at 8pm UK time on BBC Two. Tune in on 5 June at 8pm UK time for the second episode. If you're wondering, this is Top Gear series 24.

In the first show of the new series, Chris Evans takes the Dodge Viper ACR to the home of Top Gun in Nevada, to battle Sabine Schmitz in a Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Matt LeBlanc tackles wildest Morocco in Somerset's finest off-roader, the Ariel Nomad. The celebrity guests are Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg and Gordon Ramsey. See also: Best media streamers 2016.

How to watch new Top Gear: Including outside the UK

Since the new series of Top Gear is on BBC Two you can watch live via a number of methods including regular broadcast TV – you will need a TV license to watch it live, though. This is true if you watch on the BBC iPlayer while it's being broadcast as opposed to catch-up.

If you're wanting to watch the new Top Gear from outside the UK then you'll need to use a VPN. There are free ones like Hola which let you browse from the UK in order to access iPlayer or paid ones if that doesn't work.

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New Top Gear presenters

New Top Gear presenters

It's been a while since we knew Chris Evans would take over hosting duty for the new Top Gear but who else is going to present the show?

Well there's racing driver Sabine Schmitz, YouTube star Chris Harris, F1 pundit Eddie Jordan and motoring journalist Rory Reid. They will all join Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc and of course, The Stig. Some of which have already been on Top Gear in the past as guests.