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How to get your Sky remote to control your TV's volume: Use your Sky+ remote to control the telly

Instructions for new Sky remote control

Sky Remote

How to pair your new Sky remote control with your TV. It's easy but a bit convoluted. How to get your Sky remote to control your TV's volume.

Get Sky remote to control TV's volume

One tricky part of the new Sky+ box setup process is pairing your new Sky remote with your TV so you can use it to switch your TV on and off, and control your TV’s volume.

Doing so isn’t a job only a Sky engineer can do but it’s a bit convoluted. (See also: Sky Now TV Box review - is Sky's little and cheap media-streamer a good deal for on-demand TV fans?)

New Sky remote control work with TV

How to get your Sky remote to control your TV’s volume

You need to get a special code that matches your TV and your new Sky remote. You need to know the TV’s make (eg. Sony) which is easy, and the TV model name (eg. 40EX503) that should be on the back of the TV.

Read our review of the 2TB Sky+HD box.

You also need to know the version of the Sky remote (eg. Rev 9). This is printed either on the removable battery cover or inside the battery compartment. There are more instructions from Sky here.

Once you have this information you need to look up the special code.

This is where it gets a bit like a treasure hunt.

You may well be given two or more codes to try. It’s a bit of a hassle but you should get your new Sky remote control working with your TV in under 10 minutes.

Follow these steps to try out those codes.

1. Cover the front of your Sky remote, or point it away from the TV.

2. Press the TV button.

3. Now point your Sky remote control at the TV.

4. Hold down the Select and Red buttons together for a few seconds.

After a few seconds of holding down the buttons, the light at the top of your Sky remote should flash twice.

5. Now enter your four-digit remote control code.

As you press each number button, the light at the top of your Sky remote will flash once. As soon as the fourth digit is entered, the light should flash twice more.

6. Press the Select button.

7. Cover the front of your Sky remote again, or point it away from the TV.

8. Press the Sky button.

9. Point your Sky remote control at the TV again.

10. See if the Volume controls work.

If you’re lucky you’ll have just the one code. If you have two or three you may need to go through this procedure a couple of times before the new Sky remote works with your TV. (See also: Sky+ app review - full control of Sky+ box from mobile and tablet and Sky Now TV Box vs Apple TV comparison review: What's the best streaming box?)

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