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How to: The Top 10 Tech Tutorials of 2010

What we helped you to do this year

One of the key functions of the PC Advisor website is to help technology users. We offer free tech support in the Helproom Forum, and hundreds of technology tutorials both big and small. Search around on PC Advisor and you'll find advice on everything from ultra-techie niche problems, through simple home entertainment setup to tips on keeping your PC in tip-top condition.

Number 5: How to clean up your Windows PC

Your Windows PC is slowing down. Maybe it takes longer to boot up or shut down. Perhaps the hard drive grinds in the background constantly. Or maybe launching an application takes much longer than it once did. And although Windows 7 is speedier than previous versions, it can still become sluggish, particularly if you install and uninstall a lot of applications.

We showed you what it takes to clean the junk from your system and how to get rid of the detritus that has built up over time to speed up boot times and make your PC zippy once more.

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Number 4: 11 hidden security threats and how to stop them

Antivirus software and a firewall alone can't guarantee your safety when you roam the wilds of the web. So we show you how to foil the latest crop of sneaky attacks and nefarious attempts to steal your data. This should be essential reading for all web users.

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Number 3: How to fix Windows - troubleshooting apps compared

No other category of software download is as popular in our Downloads section as the small apps that, in principle at least, fix issues in your PC's Windows install, and generally speed things up. But although the PC Advisor Downloads directory is carefully curated, shop slightly further afield and you can find all manner of Windows 'troubleshooting apps'. Some are greater than others, and we showed you how to compare them so that you get the tool that will truly improve your PC.

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Number 2: How to unlock an Apple iPhone for free

Apple's iPhone smartphones are truly desirable pieces of hardware, but not everyone is as enamoured of Apple's software eco-system: in particular the way it locks you in to iTunes. Unlocking an Apple iPhone is a risky proposition, and we cannot recommend that everyone does this, but for those brave or foolhardy hackers who wish to set their iPhones free - this is it.

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Number 1: How to transfer movies from VHS to DVD

You've got a load of videos that you never watch because your video is hidden in the attic, and you wish to transfer them to DVD? You are not alone, my friend. Literally millions of PC Advisor readers have the same problem, and if you wish to transfer movies from VHS to DVD: here's how.

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