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How to clean up a congested hard drive

Create space when you're all full up

QUESTION The C drive on my Toshiba laptop is nearly full with music, photos and other downloads. I'd like to redistribute some of this data on two other available hard drives. I also want to edit some photos and mini-DVD videos, so advice on storage issues would be welcome. David Dobson

HELPROOM ANSWER In addition to the main C drive, computer vendors often supply their machines with a hidden partition that contains the files needed to reinstall the operating system (OS), plus one or more others for storage.

To find this hidden partition, go to Start, type computer management in the Search box and press Enter. In the window that pops up choose 'Disk Management'.

From the screenshot you supplied with your query, it's clear that you can easily move files from the congested C drive to the D drive. Double-click the D drive to open it in Windows Explorer, then create a new folder called 'Documents'. Copy and paste your photos from the 'Documents' folder on the C drive by right-clicking 'Photos' and selecting Copy. Do the same for your Video folder.

If you're certain that everything has been copied over successfully, delete the originals on the C drive. Windows will probably advise that the folders are too large to leave in the Recycle Bin and need to be deleted immediately. Click Ok to allow this.

This process should free up lots of space and may also make your PC run a little faster. If you wish, you can set future software installations to occur on the D rather than C drive. To do so, simply change the specified default installation drive and folder during the software setup process.

For example, when offered C:\Program Files\New Program as the installation directory, change the drive letter to D:\Program Files\New Program.

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