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How to install a solid-state drive

Increase performance with flash storage

Plenty of software is designed to improve PC performance, but what if that speed boost leaves you hungry for more? A speed boost can be gained with the installation of a solid-state drive (SSD).

Step 3. If you opt for a clean installation of Windows on the SSD, you’ll need to copy across your backed-up data after this process is complete. This approach makes sense if you’re thinking about upgrading from Vista to Windows 7, for example. You may also need to update some of your hardware drivers (see tinyurl.com/2wskbr8).

Install an SSD step 3

Step 4. If you’re happy with your current OS, a drive-cloning tool will make an exact copy of your old hard drive. Follow the software’s instructions to save this copy either to your SSD mounted in a drive enclosure or to an external hard drive from which you can restore the contents later. See tinyurl.com/2vobae4 for further advice.

Install an SSD step 4

Step 5. Now you’re ready to get your hands dirty. Ground yourself, then disconnect the laptop from its charger and remove the battery. Most hard drives are stored under a removable panel, accessible once you’ve removed a few retaining screws. Once you’ve located it, carefully slide out the drive.

Install an SSD step 5

Step 6. Slot in the SSD, ensuring that the SATA edge connector is firmly seated in place. Our Acer laptop used a pair of rails to align the drive inside the laptop shell. Carefully reattach the data and power connectors. Replace the panel and secure all screws. You can now reinsert the battery and turn on the laptop.

Install an SSD step 6

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