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How to: Improve your posture & work environment

Reduce clutter, improve posture & minimise eyestrain

Working at a PC for hours isn't much fun. But it can also be physically painful; aches and pains may be your body's way of telling you that you have a poor posture. If you don't do something about it, these aches and pains could lead to more severe problems.

Step 11. Your wrists should be level with your keyboard when typing; a wristrest can help you get into this habit. Keep your elbows directly under your shoulders and close to your sides. If you use a keyboard regularly but can't touch-type, learning to do so will help reduce finger strain.

PostureMinder step 11

Step 12. Your mouse should be positioned close to your keyboard and comfortable to use. For everyday working, make sure it's a full-size device. Mouse mats are available with built-in wristrests, helping to keep your wrist straight during use. Roll and flex your wrists regularly to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

PostureMinder step 12

Step 13. To prevent you squinting at the monitor, opt for a non-reflective screen and identify and eliminate the cause of any glare. Closing blinds or using table lamps rather than ceiling lights may help, as will changing your screen settings and brightness and contrast levels. Have an eye test at least once every two years.

PostureMinder step 13

Step 14. Now look at your feet, which should be flat on the floor (and not under your bottom). Invest in a footrest if needs be. Remove any clutter from underneath your desk, and ensure power sockets aren't overloaded. Finally, regularly roll your ankles to prevent your joints from stiffening up.

PostureMinder step 14

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