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How to: Improve your posture & work environment

Reduce clutter, improve posture & minimise eyestrain

Working at a PC for hours isn't much fun. But it can also be physically painful; aches and pains may be your body's way of telling you that you have a poor posture. If you don't do something about it, these aches and pains could lead to more severe problems.

Step 3. Select the webcam you want to use for monitoring purposes. Press Ok to start the calibration process. Adopt a good posture but don't be tempted to sit bolt upright - PostureMinder expects you to keep that position throughout the day. Look at the screen rather than webcam, then hit ‘Capture reference image'.

PostureMinder step 3

Step 4. An oval will appear on top of your captured image. Use the handles to adjust its size and position to match your face. The top-centre handle should sit on your hairline, and the bottom-centre should rest on your chin. This will create the guide that the software uses to check your position. Click Finish.

PostureMinder step 4

Step 5. From now on, PostureMinder will run in the background, analysing your position with reference to the guide you created earlier. If it detects you slumping or sitting at an angle, an alert will appear at the bottom of the screen. PostureMinder alerts also remind you when to take a break.

PostureMinder step 5

Step 6. The PostureMinder Control Centre lets you alter any settings or recreate your reference image; access it by clicking PostureMinder's Taskbar icon and selecting ‘Open PostureMinder Control Center'. If you're seeing notifications too often, click ‘Your settings' to reduce the number of alerts you receive.

PostureMinder step 6

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