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How to Build your own Apple 1

Build the iconic Apple computer from scratch

There's no doubt the Apple 1 is an iconic computer. We decided to re-create this classic machine with the help of an unassembled kit. Find out how we got on.

A 40-pin expansion connector (far right) was used by earlier models of the Replica 1, but with the addition of a 44-pin, Apple-1-compatible expansion port in this, the third edition, the connector is no longer necessary for expansion.

Two new parts not found in the Apple-1 will be installed nearby: a connector for an ATX power supply and the aforementioned 44-pin expansion port, similar to those found in the Apple II.

The Replica 1 uses two distinct power regulators that are not interchangeable and must be installed with the correct orientation.

I identify the two unique regulators correctly and put them in the right spots - but rotated 180 degrees from their proper orientation. Thus the parts need to be de-soldered from the board. This is beyond me, so Replica 1 creator Vince Briel and Paul Zaleski grab a soldering iron and a 'solder sucker' to fix my mistake while I watch helplessly.

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  1. We build the iconic apple computer from scratch
  2. Soldering the reset and clear buttons
  3. Exceptions to installing sockets in any position
  4. The lack of casing
  5. New components
  6. Inspecting my work
  7. Inserting chips
  8. Booting up
  9. It works!

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