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How to clean up your PC

Spring-clean your system inside and out

3. Now put the case back together. It may be a good idea to relocate your PC - raising it off the floor by a few inches will reduce the amount of dust that gets sucked into the vents. Check whether there's enough space where the fan extracts and ensure there's a free flow of air. Excessive heat is your PC's worst enemy.

Clean your PC: step 3

4. Organise the cables connected to your PC. Coil or bundle up any loose cables and secure them with a cable tie to improve the airflow around your PC. If you've got several devices that you plug into the USB ports of your machine, invest in a USB hub, which will also help you keep track of your devices.

Clean your PC: step 4

5. Now we're ready to clean up the digital detritus. Start by preventing any non-essential programs launching at startup. Browse to My Computer, Local Disk (C:), Documents and Settings, [your name], Start Menu, Programs, Startup. Delete the shortcuts to any programs that you don't want to launch at startup.

Clean your PC: step 5

6. You can customise the Start menu, too. Open the Taskbar and Start Menu properties folder in Control Panel, then click the Start Menu tab and choose Customize. This dialog box lets you specify whether you want small or large icons in the Start Menu, as well as how many program icons are displayed.

Clean your PC: step 6

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