There have been many examples of late where people in the UK have been receiving a broadband speed that is much lower than the one they are paying for. One way to find out exactly what broadband speed you are getting compared to what you are paying for, is to use a broadband speed test. See UK broadband users cheated on internet speeds.

Don't panic, learning how to test your broadband speed couldn't be simpler. Thanks to the magical internet all you need to do is click one button on a website and the broadband speed check will do the rest of the work for you. Try PC Advisor's very own broadband speed test to get an accurate measure of your broadband speed.

How broadband speed tests work

Broadband speed tests are pretty straightforward things and often require you clicking just one or two buttons. Once you begin, the automatic test a file is downloaded immediately. The test then records how long your computer takes to download the file and also how big the file was. The test then works out how fast your download speed it from the two factors and displays your results.

Upload speeds are determined in the same way but with the process reversed. Instead of downloading a file, you computer will automatically upload a file and then workout your broadband's upload speed.

It is advisable to check you broadband speed on a regular basis. Not only is it a quick and easy process, but also news recently broke that most broadband use in the UK are paying for a better service then they are actually getting. Some UK broadband users are being shortchanged to the tune of 60% in terms of advertised and actual broadband speeds.


How to test your broadband speed

Step one: Visit PC Advisor's Broadband Speed Test.

Step two: Click start test.

How to test broadband speed

Step three: Allow test to run for up to 2-minutes until finished.

test broadband speed

Step four: Confirm your ISP provider and view results.